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Mel Salvador, Owner & Director

Mel is a multi-certified yoga instructor with certifications in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa, and Alignment & Adjustments. With additional education in Anatomy, along with a strong understanding of Hindi Philosophy and body movement, Mel uniquely merges both the physical and spiritual elements into her teaching. There is a challenging yet compassionate balance to the way she explores yoga both on and off the mat. Her sold out workshops around the world have given yogis a deeper sense of where their yoga comes from, why we move our bodies, and a closer connection to the lineage of our practice. Mel is a D.O (Doctor of Osteopathy) with an emphasis in Holistic Sciences and brings her expertise to the every class she teaches.


Lauren Jane Bowman, Instructor

Lauren is a restorative yoga teacher, songwriter, and devotional chant artist who teaches by weaving together her knowledge of yoga traditions, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, pranayama, subtle energy bodies, and the chakra system. By building the body, mind, breath and spirit connection, Lauren intuitively guides a class using visualization, gentle asana alignment, andenergetic balancing to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Providing a comfortable, safe, and calming environment she encourages her students to approach yoga as a practice to bring a sense of balance, transformation, and harmony into their lives. Lauren first took a yoga class as a way to heal from the effects of life’s traumas and was looking for alternative holistic methods to work through bouts of depression. In 2015, Lauren once again approached yoga as a natural form of therapy to recover from being struck by a car while walking across the road. Suffering from a concussion, post-concussion, vertigo, cervical and lumbar disc bulges, Lauren found relief from practicing restorative yoga to help regain her sense of balance, relieve pain, and restore her body back to it’s full range of motion. Currently, Lauren is continuing her yoga education with Mel Salvador and enrolled in the Bodhi Yoga teacher training program. Forever grateful to have found the path of yoga, Lauren is blessed to be part of the Sukha Yoga family.



Lianna Halko, Instructor

Lianna is a 200 HR yoga teacher with a concentration in Vinyasa, receiving her certification from Always at Aum Yoga School in Babylon. She was introduced to her first yoga class during high school in 2007, where she practiced very sporadically for a few years--until 2012, when she began to crave it as part of her daily routine! She has always felt a strong passion for learning new things; in turn, adopting the mindset of yoga being a lifelong growth and learning experience has since been one of the most attractive and fulfilling ideals of her personal practice.  She hopes that the happiness and growth she feels each time she steps onto the mat, will resonate and spread like wildfire amongst her very own students each time they attend her classes.


Stephanie Pisano, Instructor

Stephanie is grateful to be doing what she loves, teaching yoga to both adults and children. She discovered her passion for yoga during her very first class at a local yoga studio on Long Island. Now five years after that first class, Stephanie is a RYT 200, certified by the Yoga Alliance, through Absolute Yoga's Refined Flow Teacher Training Program. She is also a certified Children's Yoga Teacher through Yogi Beans. Her classes reflect a unique combination of various styles: Anusara- an alignment and philosophical based practice, Prana Flow- an energetic, creative flow that moves with the breath and a bhavana, or feeling state, and Lila, or play, her background in children's yoga brings out a playfulness and aliveness in every class!


Natasha "Tasha" Poindexter, Instructor

Natasha has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and received her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate in 2014. She is also a certified kids yoga teacher and stand up paddle board instructor. She is known for her authentic teaching style and compassion centered philosophy.

She feels the time spent on your mat provides you with the opportunity to go within and tap into your true self. It's a moment in time for you to provide yourself with self-love. The goal is to love yourself so much that you radiate love and compassion out into the world!

Natasha was elementary school teacher and is a big kid at heart. She received her bachelors degree from SUNY Old Westbury and also holds a Masters degree in Literacy.

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Chloe Singer

Chloe is a classically trained ballerina and contemporary dancer who discovered yoga at the age of 15 in the midst of her physically and emotionally demanding lifestyle. She found that yoga helped her foster her innate sense of calmness; an invaluable tool for both her performing career and the often-challenging years of adolescence. After college Chloe earned her teaching certification under Mel Salvador. She combines her background of movement with the tranquility that Hatha yoga creates. Chloe is passionate about sharing the peace and serenity that she experiences on her mat with her young students, helping them develop their own healthy mind-body connections.


Adam Dobbs, Instructor

As a child I suffered from severe asthma, as a teenager I suffered from clinical depression, insomnia, drug and alchohol addiction. I was sent to psychiatrists, psychologists, rehab facilities, alchohlics anonymous, narcotics anonymous and even emotions anonymous. I was put on anti-depressants, was told to follow the 12 steps and attend group therapy sessions. These approaches did not set me free. Even though I was still in this extremely unhealthy state I was a witness to my behaviors and was searching for an alternative, more effective way out. I began a seated meditation practice at about 16 years old, at a time when the practice was almost non-existent on Long Island. By the time I was 19 I put an end to my substance abuse through sheer will power alone. I began the physical practices of yoga which ultimately lifted the depression and cured my insomnia. In 1997, I went to live at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for about 6 months where I did asana, pranayama and meditation at least twice a day along with studying philosophy, chanting and performing seva (selfless service). I began teaching Yoga at the age of 20. Shortly after, I received my License in Massage Therapy. I have continued my studies of massage/bodywork extensively throughout my travels in Thailand, India and China. I am the creator of Asian Fusion Bodywork® — a natural evolution of my experience.

Years later, I experienced a very unfortunate fall when I slipped on ice. I fell on a cement stairwell which resulted in significant injury. While experiencing terrible, chronic pain, I eventually went to see several Orthopedists seeking some relief. I resisted the doctors’  strong suggestion to have surgeries. Instead, I chose a different path…  I chose to utilize a more holistic approach through bodywork in Thailand. In addition, Iconstructed an even more therapeutic yoga asana practice as an attempt to heal naturally. As a devoted Ashtanga Practitioner, I have always found this system to be so elegant on so many levels. However, it was not enough. I continued to practice Ashtanga, but I began adding on several other postures along the way which seemed both logical and instinctive. Ultimately this helped me to develop significantly more stability around my damaged joints. As a result, thus far I have been fortunate enough to avoid invasive surgery. This sequence of asanas became my Signature Ashtanga/Vinyasa Blend which I have had the opportunity to share with so many students and teachers.

With over 20 years of experience in Yogic Practices and Therapeutic Bodywork, my goal is to find ways to assist you on your path to optimal health and happiness…to share with you what I have found to be transformative, healing and possible!