About Sukha Yoga

Sukha Yoga, located at 75 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, offers yoga on all levels. Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and more.
The word Sukha means happiness, pleasure, ease, or bliss, in Sanskrit (सुख). Among the early scriptures, 'sukha' is set up as a contrast to 'preya' meaning a transient pleasure, whereas the pleasure of'sukha' has an authentic state happiness within a being that is lasting. The ideals of the studio are represented in the meaning of Sukha.

All instructors are fully certified and have unique, incredible qualities to their individual teaching styles. The classes are well sequenced, the studio is a calm and welcoming environment, and the community is welcoming and hard working.

was formed by Tasha Mae and Dan Ingram just this year and it is a prayer to expand and expose the powerful healing that music and movement create.

Whether it’s playing the steel drum, ukulele, harmonium, guitar or simply using their voices, Soulkollective cultivates an atmosphere of positivity, care and deep connection with ourselves and each other.Their sound takes the listener on a journey and as you begin to learn the words, you are invited to sing, dance and connect with your authentic truth through the music and a profound feeling takes over. Soulkollective is a truly unique musical collaboration that performs at a variety of different spaces including yoga classes, private events, venues, restaurants and more.

Soul Purpose Nature Retreat

Soul Purpose Nature Retreat

We live a superhuman lifestyle. It’s challenging to get to the point where you strip everything away and can be your authentic self- no phone, no babies, no work, and no responsibility. We retreat because it’s an opportunity to step away and let yourself just BE. We retreat for the opportunity for a life reset and to go deeper into learning about alignment of your mind, body, and soul. Please click to learn more about our event.